South Island Electrical


Westport Flood Recovery

Westport, the West Coast town of approximately 5,000 people resembled an island recently during the devastating flood waters they experienced in July.

The flood was reported to be the largest in Westport since 1926. Some 400 houses were “red-stickered”, and more than 100 are likely to remain uninhabitable. About 1,000 people were displaced.

Kyle, one of our SIE team members has been over in Westport helping with the flood recovery efforts disconnecting electricity in houses so they are safe for repairs to begin.

The clean up efforts continue and we will be there with further ongoing electrical work to repair the houses.

It’s a standard day at work for the team, one day in Westport, the next in Twizel. That’s what the SIE team love to do, working all around the South Island for our clients. “Anywhere, Anytime”.